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Sample Images of Biomarkers C12

Sample images of Biomarkers C12 for multi- tumor marker detection

Biomarkers C12 has a high throughput of up to 48 chips constructed together, thus chip allows the analysis of 42 clinical samples simultaneously, in addition to 5 standard samples and one internal control. It can be used in large- scale tumor screening of normal populations.

Miniaturization: the reaction area of the Biomarkers C12 Chip is just 0.5cm2 and 100 microlitre of serum is enough for analysis, both significantly less than conventional biochemical methods.

High Sensitivity and High Specificity : Multiple markers are used to detect one disease, which increase the accuracy of diagnosis.

Convenient and Rapid Application: a total of 126 samples can be processed simultaneously in 3 hours using one Biomarkers Chip Reader.

Automatic Data Process: Biomarkers Chip Reader can swiftly capture the signals on the protein chip, analyze the data and print the report automatically.

Cost Effectiveness: the price is considerably lower than that of the immunoassays for 12 tumor markers when performed individually.