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Biomarkers C12 Technical Information

Biochip technology is a novel parallel analytical approach. It combines micro- electronics, micro- mechanics, chemistry, physics and ICT and makes concatenation, integration and miniaturization of sample processing, signal detection and analysis possible.

Biomarkers C12 is based on protein chip biotechnology to detect protein interactions, binding of antigens to antibodies. Multiple antibodies are immobilized on a solid matrix, to capture specific tumor markers in serum samples. The concentrations of tumor markers are determined quantitatively through a chemiluminescent mechanism.

Biomarkers C12 for multi- tumor marker detection can be applied for rapid and accurate diagnosis of tumor and tumor screening in asymptomatic population. It is especially useful when use in conjunction with other diagnostic tools such as the 64- Slice MSCT, Ultrasound, Mammogram and PET- CT, etc.

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